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The Healing Mineral Bath

A mineral bath is a body of water that contains beneficial amounts of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. Soaking in a mineral bath helps detoxify you and balance your pH level thus allowing the body to heal itself of whatever may be ailing it.

It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman you need a regular body detox. A daily routine of a home mineral bath, plus using complimentary home and personal products that work together in a systematic approach to help cleanse your body, both inside and out, and rid it of unhealthy toxins.

Soaking in a mineral bath is the best and simplest way to detox your body on a daily basis and get the much needed nutrients the body requires to stay youthful and healthy because the warm water easily penetrates your skin allowing the nutrients to be easily absorbed into your system. In the same way, toxins are easily purged from the body and left in the water.

Every mineral bath, no matter what aromatherapy essential oils, herbs or other ingredients you add, should start with two (2) ounces of energizing mineral bath and one ounce of moisturizing mineral soap. Adding essential oils are powerful healing agents and not just enjoyable scents. To get the maximum results you need authentic aromatherapeutic products. Aromatherapy oils are stronger, purer and more effective than perfume oils.

The temperature of the mineral bath plays an important role in the healing treatments. The ideal water temperature, most of the time, is 95 degrees F to 104 degrees F: it matches the body's natural temperature.

Very hot water, 100 degrees F to 104 degrees F, opens the pores and encourages a detoxifying sweat, stimulates the lymph system and relaxes muscle spasms. Hot baths should be brief and always followed by a cool shower to restore natural body temperature and close the pores.

Cool mineral baths, 90 degrees F to 95 degrees F, are recommended during pregnancy and make excellent recovery baths for convalescents. Generally speaking, bathing is drying. After every bath, a good skin moisturizer, applied from head to toe is a must.

About the Author
Iris J Chapman is an Independent Distributor of NatureRich. Visit her website at and watch the free videos posted to learn how to take control of your health today. Plus, you will find free mineral bath recipes and remedies posted at


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