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Aromatherapy's Origins and How it can Benefit You  

The origins and benefits of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy first got its name in the 1920's by a French chemist named Rene Maurice Gattefosse. He said it involved using essential oils from plants, flowers, and roots among other things to promote healing.

There are now many different versions of aromatherapy and one must be careful in selecting which products to use and which to avoid. True aromatherapy involves natural items like bark and leaves that have theraputic effects on the body. However, there are some products around that use synthetic scents for aromatherapy. These candles or incense may smell like the true ingredients of true aromatherapy, but they are not. In fact, they can even damage the body by releasing toxins into the air as they burn. Many candles are even petroleum based which can also release toxins into the air. The best type of incence to buy is the kind that burns using soybean wax. This type burns clean and can heal the body.

There are many different schools of thought involving aromatherapy. Some believe it can heal everything from a headache to athletes foot. Others view it simply as a way to calm their nerves. Still other call cooking with herbs part of aromatherapy. No matter how you officially define aromatherapy, however, there are a large number of testimonials giving credit to the healing properties of some of the herbs involved with insence.

Lavender can used for relaxing and can bring a sense of peacefulness to the room. Sandalwood can help ease stress and anxiety. There are many different types of flowers, plants, berries, roots, and seeds that can be combined to have an excellent effect on the senses. Different combinations can create smells and aromas that trigger the memory to a happy event or occasion or just create a relaxing mood for all to enjoy. Those that struggle with restlessness and stress could really benefit from burning the pure oils to calm their nerves.

Anybody can add incence and candles to their room easily and it can be a great way to heal the body and relieve stress.

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